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Wednesday, May, 25, 2022

Conference registration

OPENING. Welcome.


1st Plenary: ISCI Background and Research on the Well-being of Children and Adolescents.

●        Asher Ben-Arieh (Israel): ISCI Background and previous ISCI Conferences.

●        Ferran Casas (Spain)What did we learn from children about their subjective well-being?

10.30-11.00COFFEE BREAK
11.00-12.30Concurrent Session 1 (1.1 a 1.5)
14.00-15.30Concurrent Session 2 (2.1 a 2.5)
15.30-16.00COFFEE BREAK
16.00-17.30Concurrent Session 3 (3.1 a 3.5)
17.30-18.30Poster Session 1
Thursday, May, 26, 2022

2nd Plenary: Public and social policies regarding children’s rights

●        Robert M. Goerge (USA): Challenges in collecting data about children and families during and post pandemic.

●        Jaime Alfaro (Chile): Development of interventions in public policies on Childhood from interpretive frameworks derived from the New Sociology of Childhood.

●        Irene Rizzini (Brazil): Public and social policies to fight inequalities in developing countries and to promote children’s well-being.

10.30-11.00COFFEE BREAK
11.00-12.30Concurrent Session 4 (4.1 a 4.5)
14.00-15.30Concurrent Session 5 (5.1 a 5.5)
15.30-16.00COFFEE BREAK
15.45-16.30Poster Session 2
16.30-18.30Cultural Program and attraction
20.00-23.00Confraternization dinner and Folkloric Show with songs and
typical dance* 
*Please note that Confraternization dinner and Folkloric Show is optional. You can buy in advance at or contact the registration desk staff in the Lobby during the conference.
Friday, May, 27, 2022
08.00-9.00ISCI Board meeting

3rd Plenary: Children’s Rights and intervention

●        Mónica Ruiz-Casares (Canada): Child Participation in Research & Evaluation: Ethics and Equity Considerations.

●        Sabine Andresen (Germany): Trust, Vulnerability and Violence in Childhood. Insights from coming to terms with child sexual abuse for childhood research.

10.30-11.00COFFEE BREAK
Concurrent Session 6 (6.1 a 6.4)
Concurrent Session 7 (7.1 a 7.3)
15.00-16.00CLOSING and Announcement of the Next Conference
16.00-16.30Good-bye tea

The official language of the Conference Key-notes will be English. There will be no simultaneous translation.